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Sapphire Pictures will support any visual aid that is required by businesses, charities or corporation for informing, branding, promoting and marketing their products or services. We will work with you from your initial idea to producing media content appropriate to your business needs.

We can also help you with informational videos for your website. The video can summarise who you are, what you do and why they should use your services. Having a video on your landing page captures the clients with very little time and low attention span and it optimises the search in all browsers.


We can help your business in creating 5, 10, 15, 30 seconds and even longer adverts that you will be able to put in any social media platforms to promote a brand or market your services or products. We will help you develop a quick quirky advert that quickly gets the message across to your targeted audiences.   

Music Video

We will work with your style, themes and the visual story required by the song to produce an amazing music.

You focus on the music and we will focus on making the best music video according to the budget.

Films & Documentaries

Sapphire Pictures is currently producing  several short films, short web series. feature films and documentaries (feature & short). If the story is good, we love all genre and we are always looking for ideas in whatever format you want to tell it. We will not read unsolicited scripts, therefore please do not waste your valuable time. However, if you have a concept or a screenplay what we would encourage you to do is send us an email with a premise no more than 30 words and a synopsis no more than 500 words.